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   <div class="​panel-heading"><​b>​Featured Marripedia Research</​b></​div>​   <div class="​panel-heading"><​b>​Featured Marripedia Research</​b></​div>​
   <div class="​panel-body">​   <div class="​panel-body">​
- <​h5><​b><​a href="​http://​marripedia.org/​effects_of_pornography_on_marriage">Effects of Pornography on Marriage</​a><​br> ​       + <​h5><​b><​a href="​http://​marripedia.org/​fertility_and_religious_practice">Fertility and Religious Practice</​a><​br> ​       
- <​br></​br><​br><​center><​img src="​http://​marripedia.org/​_media/​fff_11.17.17_pic1.png" alt="Pornography" align="​middle"​ width="​220" height="​165"></​center></​b></​h5><​br></​br+ <​br></​br><​br><​center><​img src="​http://​marripedia.org/​_media/​fertility_in_europe.png" alt="Fertility Trends" align="​middle"​ width="​300" height="​265"></​center></​b></​h5>​ 
-Roughly 55 to 70 percent of men and 30 to 40 percent of women under age 40 reported viewing pornography ​in a given year. Younger generations of Americans—particularly ​those who accessed the internet during adolescencehave shown the greatest increase in pornography use over the past few decadesPornography has harmful ​and even destructive effects on marriageand its increased use portends significant social concerns  ​ +Although Christianity is the largest religious denomination ​in the world, declining fertility rates—particularly ​in Europeindicate that this may no longer be the case by 2060. Religious Nones are also projected to decline as a share of the world’s population due to their exceptionally low fertility rateMuslims, who had the highest fertility rate of all religious denominations ​and made up roughly 31 percent of all births from 2010-2015will likely replace Christians  
-</​br><​br>​</​br>​ +</​br>​ 
-<​br><​b><​a href="​http://​marripedia.org/​effects_of_pornography_on_marriage">​Read more!</​a></​br></​br>​+<​br><​b><​a href="​http://​marripedia.org/​fertility_and_religious_practice">​Read more!</​a></​br></​br>​
   </​div>​   </​div>​
 </​div>​ </​div>​