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American Family Survey

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Vanishing Divorce

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Single Parents Lack Sleep

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Acceptance of Divorce Falling, Tolerance of Cohabitation Rising

The Interdependence of Relationships with Adult Children and Spouses

Preschool is a Sensitive Period for the Influence of Maternal Support on the Trajectory of Hippocampal Development

Connected at the Table: The Importance of Family Meals

Do Children of the First Marriage Deter Divorce?

Factors Associated With Perceptions of Family Belonging Among Adolescents

Invisible Victims: Delayed Onset Depression among Adults with Same-Sex Parents

Majority of Americans Now Believe in Cohabitation

Associations Between Prior Deployments and Marital Satisfaction Among Army Couples

Increasing Cohabitation and Family Instability for Children

Changing U.S. Family Patterns Pose Policy Challenges

The Role of Relational Instability on Individual and Partner Outcomes Following Couple Relationship Education Participation

The Opt-Out Continuation: Education, Work, and Motherhood from 1984 to 2012

Indebted Relationships: Child Support Arrears and Nonresident Fathers' Involvement With Children

“Date Nights” Strengthen Marriages

Within- and Between-Family Associations of Marital Functioning and Child Well-being

Who Experiences Leisure Deficits? Mothers' Marital Status and Leisure Time

Childhood Family Environment Linked With Relationship Quality 60 Years Later

Most Americans Say Children Are Better Off With A Parent At Home

Marital Investments and Community Involvement

Is Divorce More Painful When Couples Have Children?

Sexuality and Fertility

Unique Roles of Mothers and Fathers

Religious Practice

Americans Express Increasingly Warm Feelings Toward Religious Groups

The Shifting Religious Identity of Latinos in the United States

Assessing the Faith-Based Response to Homeslessness in America: Findings from Eleven Cities

Religion and Education Around the World

Religion and Health: A Synthesis

Most Say Their Churches Remained Above the Electoral Fray This Year

One-in-Five U.S. Adults Were Raised in Interfaith Homes

Distal and Proximal Religiosity as Protective Factors for Adolescent and Emerging Adult Alcohol Use

The Reality of World Religion: God Wins

Church Involvement Varies Widely Among U.S. Christians

Millennials Are Less Religious Than Older Americans, But Just As Spiritual

More Than Half of Indian Scientists Are Religious

Americans Want Christmas, More Religion in Schools

Coming Home: How Religion Can Be a Healing Balm for Veterans

We Trust in Those Who Believe in God

Better Together: Religious Attendance, Gender, and Relationship Quality

Health and Well-Being Among the Non-Religious Compared with Religious Group Members

Americans Who See God as ‘a Secure Base’ Tend to Be More Committed, Satisfied in the Workplace

American Devotion to Religion is Waning, According to a New Study

Most Christians View Their Faith as a Force for Good

The Gender Gap in Religion Around the World

How Highly Religious Americans' Lives are Different from Others

Association of Religious Service Attendance With Mortality Among Women

Is Christianity in Trouble?

Association Between Religious Service Attendance and Lower Suicide Rates Among US Women

Are Churches Key to Solving Social Problems? Fewer Americans Now Think So

The Factors Driving the Growth of Religious ‘Nones’ in the U.S.

Why Americans are Leaving Religion—and Why They’re Unlikely to Come Back

The Socio-economic Contribution of Religion to American Society: An Empirical Analysis

How the Faithful Voted: A Preliminary 2016 Analysis




Economy & Poverty

When Work Disappears: Manufacturing Decline and the Falling Marriage-Market Value of Men

Household Income and Trajectories of Marital Satisfaction in Early Marriage

Stand By Your Man: Wives' Emotion Work During Men's Unemployment

Financial and Ethical Risk-Taking by Young Adults: A Role for Family Dynamics During Childhood

The Limited Reach of the Child Support Enforcement System

The Poverty Cure: Get Married

How Demographics Rule the Global Economy

Research Says a Reverse Gender Gap Exists for Kids Who Grow Up in Poverty

Growing Up in Single-Parent Household Could Count as Form of 'Poverty'

Extended Family Support and Household Balance Sheets

Family Formation and Poverty: A History of Academic Inquiry and Its Major Findings

The Association Between Income and Life Expectancy in the United States, 2001-2014

The Rich Live Longer Everywhere. For the Poor, Geography Matters.

Two Life Factors that Prevent Debt

Less Marriage, More Inequality

Baby Lull Promises Growing Pains for Economy

Child Poverty and Family Structure

Fathers' Investments of Money and Time Across Residential Contexts

Nonmarital First Births, Marriage, and Income Inequality

Marriage, Penalized: Does Social-Welfare Policy Affect Family Formation?

Money, Work, and Marital Stability: Assessing Change in the Gendered Determinants of Divorce

Pathways to Adaptive Emotion Regulation Among Adolescents from Low-Income Families

Uncertain Lives: Insights into the Role of Job Precariousness in Union Formation in Italy

Income and Poverty in the United States: 2015

Chronic Disease at Midlife Do Parent-child Bonds Modify the Effect of Childhood SES?